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i love eritreajudy47    Sampford peverell, England
I enjoy traveling, music, photography, animals, creating anything new, and trying to make everyday a good one.
women bahrainpaul53    Huddersfield, England
Winter is coming.(hopefully you get that reference)Never been ice skating, although i'd really like to. What makes me unique? the fact that i know im not unique is pretty unique i think.
where to meet women in denverDerek    Bicester, England
Beautiful, intelligent, multicultural woman that loves to laugh, dance and listens to just about all types of music. I'm not an outdoors woman but willing to try some things within reason. My hobbies
british women black mendelete    Halifax, Nova Scotia
If I put everything about me on here.what mystery will be left? I am pretty awesome. I have many interests, which sometimes catch people by surprise. (NOTHING WEIRD HAHA)I am an educated, class

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